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Life Etiquette Seminars for Emerging and Seasoned Professionals

Young professionals (NEPS-New and Emerging Professionals), in the workplace must present polished presence and (advanced social or interpersonal skills) to thrive in today’s competitive environment. Professional business etiquette is essential when making a positive, memorable impression and image to the public. Manners are Memorable provides engaging and informative seminars for college students, corporate executives and community outreach programs. Participants receive practical tips and strategies to build self-confidence in any business social situation.


Life Etiquette Seminar Topics

Manners are Memorable offers customized etiquette seminar training programs that can be scheduled on-site or virtually. During these seminars, Juliet Mitchell (Ms. J) delivers practical business etiquette tips in a relatable manner. As an internationally licensed master etiquette coach and business coach, Juliet Mitchell energizes and delights crowds while delivering highly needed tools for career and life success. Seminar topics can include: (A sample of or some most requested topics include). Say something like, there are other topics and Ms. J will consult with you to determine the most appropriate topics and training plan. Maybe this is clear enough on the last line)

  • What is Etiquette?
  •  Why Business Etiquette is Important
  • Representing Yourself as a Poised and Polished Professional
  • Workplace Communication Etiquette: Social Media, Pen and Paper
  • Dining Etiquette and Table Manners with Poise and Confidence
  • Business Travel Etiquette
  • Diversity and Cultural Considerations with Business Etiquette
  • Enhancing Your Professional Corporate Image
  • Maintaining Dignity in Difficult Workplace Situations

Who Can Benefit from Manners are Memorable Seminars?

The lack of manners in the workplace is a significant contributing factor for employee dissatisfaction. Many employees leave their positions because of a lack of civility where they work. This can affect customer interactions and the profitability of a business. By learning proper business etiquette, employees can gain valuable skills to nurture a more positive work environment.

Manners are Memorable seminars are ideal for new employees, summer interns, sales professionals and senior management. Community outreach groups and nonprofits can use the life etiquette skills taught in Manners are Memorable seminars for better stability and increased
funding potential. For corporations, these seminars can significantly impact their bottom line and address damaging inappropriate behavior in the workplace.

Etiquette training for professionals manners are memorable

Life Etiquette Seminars for Professional Success

Position yourself for success and build an exceptional professional image with Manners are Memorable seminars. These engaging, fun, and informative seminars can be customized and tailored to fit your unique needs. To book a seminar for your corporation or community outreach program, contact Juliet Mitchel for booking availability today.

More Services

Manners are memorable provides life and professional etiquette training services

One-on-one coaching helps provide the knowledge and skills for personal and business life etiquette.


Small groups can be a highly beneficial way to build workplace etiquette in a safe and supportive environment.

Speaking engagements on etiquette with Manners are Memorable

Juliet Mitchell travels regularly as an international keynote speaker, inspiring audiences on a variety of life etiquette topics.

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