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Word of the week from Ms J

Word of the Week? Is that really necessary? After all, they are just words…so, and so what?

Okay everyone, I’m coming clean. I am a self-professed nerd, and I love words. I used to read the dictionary. Really! Okay, for real, for real, I still do. I’m sure you’ve heard the adage “Words are powerful” or the “power of words”. There are numerous quotes and words of wisdom that talks about the power of words, how words can build up or tear down.

Ms. J from Manners are Memorable, professional etiquette coach

Therein lies my penchant for words, and I don’t mean just words for the sake of words, but an understanding of the words used. Take for example, reiterate. People misuse and mispronounce the word all of time. It causes me a great deal of angst. That is why for the past several months I’ve shared a word or phrase of the week. I know that action and body language often speak louder than words, but when we do get to the verbal interaction, we need to understand each other. Words help us to truly communicate the message; words help us to understand each other, clarify, to express our thoughts, ideas and emotions.

In this increasingly complex and diverse world, it’s even more important that we “stick with the verbal conversation/communication” until we are clearly on the same page.

As words come to me and as you share words with me, I will keep sharing the Word of the Week; sometimes phrases.

If you have a pet word or expression, or a word that is a “pet peeve”, please write to me and I’ll try to share it in Ms. J’s Word of the Week section.

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