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Fast Track Your Success with Business Etiquette Services

When you meet someone for the first time, one way or the other, you will make an impression, and it will be remembered. To make a favorable and impactful impression in any business or social situation, you must be equipped with the manners, actions and behaviors that will get you to the table and get you invited back time and time again. Proper manners can help you show up as a polished, poised professional. They will help you build important trusted relationships to accelerate your success. Good manners and appropriate etiquette are essential for career and life success.

Manners are Memorable provides a comprehensive range of business etiquette services to equip individuals with necessary life etiquette skills. These services include seminars, small groups and speaking engagements for personal and professional etiquette refinement.

Manners are memorable provides life and professional etiquette training services

One-on-one coaching helps provide the knowledge and skills for personal and business life etiquette. This coaching can help you stay focused on your goals and make the right decisions. Juliet Mitchell (Ms. J) can help you uncover the etiquette areas that are holding you back so you can become the best version of yourself. As a result, you can present yourself with poise and polish as an emerging business professional in any workplace setting.


Small groups can be a highly beneficial way to build workplace etiquette in a safe and supportive environment. Participants in small groups have the opportunity to learn and practice a variety of life etiquette skills. Individuals can leave feeling confident they have the skills to present themselves with poise in any social situation.


Through positive and uplifting seminars, participants can learn personal and workplace etiquette with practical tips in relatable scenarios. Juliet Mitchell delivers a unique experience for participants by delivering modern etiquette content with a fun and entertaining Southern “Ms. J” persona. Seminar topics can be customized to meet the specific issues of businesses and nonprofits to enhance their individual needs.

Speaking engagements on etiquette with Manners are Memorable

Juliet Mitchell travels regularly as an international keynote speaker, inspiring audiences on a variety of life etiquette topics. These topics include civility in the workplace and in society, cultural diversity in the workplace, etiquette for women and etiquette for the digital age. Participants are able to develop leadership skills for a wide range of business settings.

Proper manners and etiquette are essential for making a positive impression in the workplace. Manners are Memorable moves beyond the simple etiquette of table manners to address the biggest social and digital pitfalls many people face. Contact Juliet Mitchell (Ms. J) to learn more about available life etiquette services through Manners are Memorable today.

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