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Corporate Etiquette Training

Bad manners, inappropriate actions and behaviors, and incivility in the workplace often contribute to lack of personal and professional growth, and employee development. They can also lead to the demise of one’s job and tarnish their personal and professional reputations. New and seasoned professionals often leave their positions because they lack the interpersonal skills and professional workplace savvy to navigate the treacherous waters of “the office”.

Let’s face it, incivility, and lack of professional conduct in the workplace are commonplace. Corporations lose millions of dollars annual—tangible and intangible—because of incivility in the workplace.

Life Etiquette Institute has a solution for you. Corporate etiquette training can help combat this problem by equipping staff with valuable skills to promote professionalism, create a healthier work environment resulting in greater productivity and a thriving and stable workforce. This is particularly helpful for the new and emerging professionals (NEPS).

Corporate Etiquette Topics for Career Success

Ms. J provides a variety of corporate etiquette topics for career success for new and emerging professionals. The program can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Ms. J can recommend an appropriate training program with topics to meet your specific audience and requirements. A sample of the most requested corporate etiquette training program topics include:

  • Why Business Etiquette is Important
  • Life Etiquette Skills in Corporate and Social Settings
  • Corporate Dining and Table Manners Etiquette
  • Corporate Travel Etiquette
  • Technology and Social Media Etiquette
  • The 24/7 Professional
  • Enhancing Your Professional Image
  • How to Handle Upward Mobility with Poise and Confidence
  • Etiquette Considerations for the Intergenerational Workforce
  • Effective Communication in a Diverse Work Environment
  • Good Manners are Good for Business
  • Civility in the Workplace

Why Corporate Etiquette Training is Important

In today’s world, it is crucial for corporations to help new and emerging professionals navigate the vast challenges in human interaction and customer satisfaction in the workplace. Corporate etiquette training boosts workplace civility. As a result, companies can experience less employee absenteeism, reduced turnover, and greater productivity. This training can also help improve a company’s bottom line and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Boost Your Corporate Success with Modern Life Etiquette

Modern life etiquette provides a competitive edge for companies and new and emerging professionals. Failing to follow basic business etiquette can significantly impact your relationships and reputation. Boost your corporate success by contacting Ms. J to book your training today.

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Manners are memorable

Children and youth can benefit from learning about modern life etiquette at any early age. As they learn valuable interpersonal skills, it can give them a competitive edge among their peers.


New and emerging professionals (NEPS) need more than academic knowledge to excel in their career goals. Proper etiquette can help students at colleges and universities stand out from the crowd.

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As technology brings various cultures around the globe, etiquette is becoming more important to foster good relationships. Proper etiquette can help community groups and nonprofit organizations

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