“Feel comfortable, confident, and self-assured in any situation.”

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MA, Licensed Etiquette Professional Career Development Specialist

Juliet Mitchell “Ms. J” is a certified etiquette trainer and business coach who serves clients of all ages and all walks of life, in all kinds of settings. Ms. J’s personal etiquette exploration started when she was growing up in Louisiana where rules of “Southern hospitality” are taught at an early age, starting with tutoring from her great-grandmother who was insistent on good manners and proper behavior.

Drawn to the core principles of etiquette—honesty, integrity and respect, Ms. J. eventually found her way to The Emily Post Institute where she became a certified etiquette trainer and consultant. In her heyday, etiquette columnist Emily Post was considered the authority on etiquette and manners. Ms. J. carries on Ms. Post’s legacy while delivering her own version of “Julietiquette.”

Ms. J’s energetic and informative training focuses on Social Education and Life Etiquette™, delivering “tips, strategies and techniques for personal growth and life success.” Ms. J. will move you beyond the dining room to help you learn how to “be” in any situation: “be comfortable”, “be confident”, “be yourself”, “be interesting”, and above all, “be respectful”!

“Manners are Memorable, so always put your best foot forward!”

Dining table manners etiquette training with Manners are Memorable

The Life Etiquette Book

Manners Are Memorable at the Dining Table: Your Glass or Mine?

This book will help elevate your understanding of food consumption from “just eating” to a rich and enjoyable dining experience. Having a lay of the land – or table if you will – knowing what goes where, which glasses are yours, and which fork is for your salad will help you feel more comfortable when accepting invitations to more formal occasions. Then you can focus on your dining companions instead of feeling anxious or nervous about what to do or how to be at the table.

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