I am so excited to share with you the fresh new look of my website.

Although the look is updated and enhanced, my mission and focus remain the same. I am still here to bring you the best in business and social etiquette—personal growth for career and life success.  Keep in mind that etiquette is a broad term encompassing words, actions and behaviors affecting all parts of life: manners, respect, civility, protocol, and yes, rules and laws.  Etiquette is about the respect and consideration that we show to ourselves, to others and to the world around us.

In a blog posting by Pamela Fay, Personal Brand & Business Etiquette, Ms. Fay shares that “good manners in business are good for business”.  I so agree.  Ms. Fay sites some statistics which have been confirmed by several polls.  Below are four statistics that I’d like to highlight.  Of the respondents,

  • 94% said they value manners in their business dealings
  • 79% believe that manners are more important in challenging economic times
  • Nearly half (47%) of respondents would move their business elsewhere if they were on the receiving end of bad manners
  • 45% of people would mention their positive experience to other people if they are treated well by a business (during a business transaction)

How would you respond? Where do you fall within these statistics?  Have you ever gone elsewhere, not because the tangible product or the technical ability was not up to par, but because you were not treated well? When you are treated well, especially in challenging situations, do you tell others? What about when you are treated rudely or disrespectfully? Can your business or organization afford the “fallout” of incivility, bad manners and inappropriate treatment of clients, customers and coworkers?  I think not, but it happens daily.  And, the cost is extremely high, often causing businesses and organizations to shut their doors for good.

Although these statistics relate to the business and professional arenas, the principles extend into all areas of life.  Not only do our manners, behaviors and actions affect business and professional dealings, they also affect our home and family life, community life, educational settings, and generally the way we show up in the world.  That is why I chose the motto, Manners are Memorable.

For as far back as I can remember how to be and what to do, and what not to do…The Proper Way…have been a part of who I am.  I cannot remember a time when etiquette was not a part of my life. The term “etiquette” may not have been in my vocabulary, but the way I viewed the world and the way I showed up in the world certainly were.  I’ll tell you more about me as time goes on, but today I’m here to say hello and to introduce to some, and re-introduce to others “life etiquette”.

Life etiquette focuses on how to “be” in any personal or professional situation—life. Because life includes all of us and the world we live in, I offer services to a diverse clientele—from little princesses to seasoned professionals, from college students to incarcerated individuals.  If we are going to be in this world together, we must come to an agreement on how are we to “be” with each other; how we are to show consideration, dignity, honor, and respect in our daily interactions.

Please take a few moments to explore my website and see the many opportunities that are available to you, your team or even or family—opportunities to improve your social skills and enhance your personal and professional relationships.

One feature of this website that I’d like to draw your attention to is “coffee shop etiquette”.  As I am out and about, I frequent coffee shops here in the Twin Cities or wherever I visit around the country. During my coffee shop and restaurant visits, I always try to engage the proprietor and staff in conversation about the etiquette of their business—what patrons should do, or not do, to have a positive experience. I will share many of these experiences with you so that you will know what to do and what not to do to have a positive coffee shop experience.

I would love to have a conversation and coffee with you at your establishment.  If you would like to host a conversation, please contact me by completing the form below.

I look forward to the opportunity to bring “life etiquette” training to you.  Manners are Memorable.  People do indeed remember what we say, what we do and how we behave; so Always Put Your Best Foot Forward!

Life Etiquette:  Personal Growth for Life Success

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