Today I had a meeting at the Goat Coffeehouse on 7th Street, just off of downtown St. Paul, near Metropolitan State University.  The Goat is three years old, having a rich history; just go in and talk with Chris, the general manager.  The Goat specializes in coffees and espressos but also offers tea, sandwiches and a variety of baked goods.

When asked why they use True Stone Coffee Roasters for their coffee products, I was given these three descriptors:  fresh, local and independent.  Additionally, True Stone ensures fair trade practices so that the small growers can sustain their businesses. This says to me that the owners are socially conscious and responsible.

To learn of the history of the name “The Dancing Goat Coffeehouse,” read the fascinating story on their website

The Goat is a wonderful place to have a group meeting.  They have a very affordable conference room that seats 10-15 people.

Warmly greeted by Dustin, and general manager, Chris, they were more than happy to talk with me about Coffee Shop Etiquette.  They both agreed with some of the common themes that other coffee shops have shared with me, i.e. bus your table, acknowledge the barista and counter person as a real person and be patient.  But the main coffee shop etiquette tip they offered is this, vTo say “I’m a blank slate, make me something” is not helpful.  What is helpful, “I prefer strong, black coffee with just a hint of spice and no sweetener.” This gives the barista something to work with. He or she is then in a better position to make a recommendation.

The other thing patrons can do to help the process along is to come and pick up their coffee/drink order when their name and/or order are called. Remember a coffee shop is not a full-service café. Baristas and counter help generally do not run drinks to the table.  Of course, if you need assistance, just let them know and they will do what they can to accommodate you.

This is Ms. J on coffee shop etiquette.  If you are in St. Paul and want a cool place to chill, try the Goat CoffeeHouse.

Did I say bus your table?  Yes, bus your table!

Please share your coffee shop etiquette tip or story.

Etiquette Tip:

Help the server to help you.

Don’t put the barista in the position of choosing what YOU want.